Forget Disneyland

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Turn It Up🎸Records 🎷& Hi Fi🎸

is the happiest place on Earth.

If you are a Music Lover, Crate-Digger, Audiophile or somebody who wants to experience music in a new way – welcome home.
Rock, blues, jazz, folk, classical or whatever you’re into, we have it or we’ll find it – we share your passion and we’ll help you grow it.

Turn It Up! Records & Hi-Fi also carry new turntables that are as much science as they are art. The Calgary north store has a listening room that allows you to try it before you buy it – prepare to have your mind blown.

Turn It Up! Records & Hi-Fi can also help you find the right vintage system for your needs.  Based on your criteria, we have the expertise to put together a sound system that provides pure joy the moment the needle hits vinyl.

If you haven’t been to our stores – stop by and let’s talk or drop us a note on Facebook.